I Trust that by now, the need to do things right has become a daily necessity which our lives ultimately hang on by the strength of a webby thread….

Well, I had this childhood that was somewhat void of wonders, I feel so. Having grown in a family of five boys in which mum was the only wonder because she had breasts while the rest of us had chests. The other house aids that came were momentary, they came and in a blink they fizzle off and that kept on that way. Soon I had lost the little wonder I had for the feminine option, that was brought about by their soon emergence and immediate exodus, the love and warmth that should have been built always fizzles away like they.

Well, Having expertise in masculine realities on its path is a most thrilling option to fall into, yet it in no way cures the desire for a woman, bone of my bone, meat of my meat and any other equivalences that would stay…

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